The richest pastor in the World 2020 ranking


the richest pastor in the word 2020 ranking

There is no more secrete to keep when trying to measure the level of clergy men, as they must be a mention of who the richest pastor in the word 2020 ranking is.

Mega churches founders have also been ranked in various books of records for their feats as well as net worth.

Some compete with business men in the general world settings while others are being taken unawares in terms of ratings and financial worth estimation.

Here, we want to briefly look at the present rating and the leading contention in financial uprising.

In the year 2020 despite all financial huddles and challenges, it’s certain that people still strive to keep their financial status up. When you are big, you’re big abeg.

And that has not excluded religious leaders; the race to financial freedom still remains second after God.

Our latest research has shown that founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries is currently holder of the profile ‘richest pastor in the world’.

Pastor Kenneth Copeland is the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, in Lubbock, Texas, USA.

The grounds are a massive 1,500 acres for the ministry. He is a popular televangelist who hosts the “Believers Voice of Victory” televised ministry.

The program is broadcast through radio, television, and podcasts throughout the world. He lives with his wife Gloria in their mansion with an estimated value of $6 million, but it is owned by the church.

His dream was to become a recording artist and he’s sold many albums throughout the course of his ministry with one song that made it to the 12th position in the Top 40 hits in 1957.

He has also authored multiple books and publications and his current net worth is $760 Million.

With this, Pastor Copland has been named the richest pastor in the world according to 2020 rankings.



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