Minister of Transport, Amaechi reveals why Kano-Ibadan Railway is delayed


why Kano-Ibadan Railway is delayed

Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi has revealed why Kano-Ibadan Railway is delayed.

Mr Amaechi who spoke to newsmen in Abuja on Saturday said the federal government is waiting for a $5.3bn loan grant from China to commence the project.

“We are waiting for the Chinese government and bank to approve the $5.3 billion to construct the Ibadan-Kano. What was approved a year ago was the contract.” Amaechi said.

“The moment I announce that the federal government has awarded a contract of $5.3 billion to CCECC to construct Ibadan-Kano, they assume the money has come in, no.”

“Up till now, we have not gotten the money a year after we have applied for the loan. We have almost finished the one of Lagos-Ibadan. If we don’t get the loan now, we can’t commence,”

He also said that the Ibadan-Kano railway line would connect six cities once it had been completed.



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