Black Panther 2 Fan Art Envisions Resurrected Kilmonger


Black Panther fan, professional digital illustrator Yadvender Singh Rana who goes by the username ultraraw26, drew up a visual of Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) in Black Panther 2 in an Instagram post.

The movie poster mock-up shows the supervillain standing with Shuri (Letitia Wright), T’Challa’s genius teenage sister who engineers technology for the Wakandan government.

In the image, Shuri is forming the country’s official salute with her arms, while Killmonger is represented as a more abstract figure with mostly his head and shoulders shown. See the art below:

Black Panther 2 Fan Art Envisions Resurrected Kilmonger

Black Panther 2 fan art

In the post caption, Singh Rana posted that some fans were upset about a previous post showing Shuri (as opposed to N’Jadaka) in the Black Panther costume.

After Boseman’s passing, it was obvious to both fans and the movie’s creators that recasting the role would be both disrespectful and impossible: a version of T’Challa played by any other actor would be a poor facsimile of the real thing.

The idea of Shuri taking up the Black Panther mantle has been bandied about, and would logically make sense according to Wakandan law, but may or may not be the right job for a brainy scientist.

It sounds like there may be even more fan support for the idea of Erik Stevens returning to assume the throne, but Singh Rana is right to observe that fan art won’t influence the script one way or the other.





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