Nigeria should make law to ban rich people from marrying themselves – Man suggest


law to ban rich people from marrying themselves

A man recently took to Twitter to suggest that in order to alleviate poverty in Nigeria, there should be law to ban rich people from marrying themselves.

Sarki @Waspapping_, a Twitter user, said that such legislation would help to eradicate poverty in the country, even if only in a small way.

”There should be a law in this country forbidding rich people from getting married to rich people.

I honestly think it will play a part in eradicating poverty in this country, no matter how small.”

His suggestions for law to ban rich people from marrying themselves has however aroused some reactions.

See how Nigerians reacted;

viviannwagboso :It will encourage laziness amongst people too bc some people will just feel entitled to marry a rich individual bc they are broke.

iamebuslim: Ontop person money? Na by force to eradicate your poverty ?

ezeqwesiri: So make DJ Cuppy enter village pick one hunter?

el_curiouser: Not a smart thought. I think there should be a law forbidding poor people from getting married so that we can reduce the numbers of poor children.

rosieyoungfh: The only law I’m interested in is the one that will ban any politician from leaving this country for any medical checkup or treatment

kwin_toke: There is sense in making sense though

ugagbealamaThat one go even cause high rate of poverty, because no need for me to work again na. I go just find one wealthy family marry from

angelbee01: No be lie my brother but Na for only nollywood that kain tin Dey happen.

Similarly, Mike Bamiloye, on his thoughts on reveals why many women are yet to marry their life partners.

In your own opinion is the suggestion nice?

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