Five Mistakes Singles Make AFTER BREAK UP and what to avoid


Mistakes Singles Make AFTER BREAK UP

Hello paddies, we’re currently working on having series of relationship tips to help educate readers and we start with Mistakes Singles Make AFTER BREAK UP.

In this short articles, life experiences would be shared as we start with Five Mistakes Singles Make AFTER BREAK UP and what to avoid.

A man came out to me on air a few weeks ago, crying uncontrollably, and I had to schedule a conversation with him after the show.

Because the lady spotted another person who was an alternative for her, their over three years old relationship terminated quickly.

She waited for a small trigger that would allow her to justify walking away.

When I eventually got a chance to talk to him, I asked him a series of questions, reframed his thinking, and provided him reasons to go forward, heal, and redirect his energy.

He called two days later, thanked me, and requested to see me so he could give me an envelope to reward me with. Regrettably, I declined his offer. It was a free of charge service.

Because he was performing these five activities after the break-up, he became entangled in a web of pain.

As a relationship coach, I’ve identified five common mistakes singles make after a breakup that obstruct and trap them in the arc of emotional anguish and suffering.

1. Keeping track record of how long they’ve been together: The happiness of a relationship is determined by how well you’ve stayed together and grown together, not by how long you’ve been together.

2. Keeping track record of how much money and time you’ve spent: Don’t dwell on what you’ve lost after a breakup. Concentrate on what you’ve accomplished. The more losses you count or magnify, he more you’ll have difficulty moving on.

3. Using Rebound as a healing approach: It’s a bad idea to rush into a new relationship as a way of mending.

Consider a wounded footballer who decides to return to the field of play as a form of rehabilitation.

Consider trying to recover from a leg cut while wearing a pair of tight sneakers over the injury. It’s completely ineffective! If you wait long enough, the wound or injury will worsen!

4. Keeping your hurt and feelings hidden9 Hoarding over them: If you want to cry after a breakup, do it as much as you can. Please utilize whatever healthy avenue you choose to employ to express and send out your pain.

You’re not a strong man if you keep your grief hidden. Rather, by diverting your pains, you’ve proven to be a strong human. Don’t bottle up your emotions! Let it go!

5. Maintaining a persistent connection and communication with your ex, as well as refusing to forgive your ex: Please, while you’re attempting to mend, cut off your ex! Allow yourself to let go, forgive, and move on AFTER BREAK UP! An ex should stay that way!

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