Unveiling BBNaija 2021: Faces of the Male housemates for BBNaija season 6


Faces of the Male housemates for BBNaija season 6

The BBNaija 2021 has already began with excitement as Faces of the Male housemates for BBNaija season 6 and profiles are unveiled.

First on the list is Boma

Full name: Boma Akpore

Boma, 34, was raised on the streets of Yaba, Lagos, by his single mother and grandmother. He recalls his boyhood as “very difficult,” owing to the fact that he had to work to pay his way through school.

One of the most difficult decisions he had to make was to drop out in his last year due to financial difficulties, but his life’s high point occurred when he saved enough money to attend film school, an accomplishment.

Boma believes himself “exceptional” and characterizes himself as “attractive, clever, adventurous, strong, and fit.”

He makes ends meet by working as a bartender at night and a masseuse during the day while pursuing his acting career.

He has battled melancholy since his marriage ended and an injury during football tryouts, but he is determined to “never, ever, give up” and carry on to his dream.

Boma, a mixologist and masseuse, claims that there are “99 Pages of Boma” and that you never know which one you’ll get.

Aside from being unpredictable, the 34-year-old is also impulsive, and he intends to take his Big Brother Naija trip day by day.


Full name: Yusuf Garba

Yousef is a Secondary School Teacher who describes himself as a “soft-spoken, fun-loving, down-to-earth go-getter” who is 29 years old.

Yousef enjoys hiking, reading, traveling, and sports in addition to being a big foodie. He’s also a model, a host, and a personal trainer, and he admits he can’t stop looking in the mirror.

Mr. University of Jos and Jos Carnival King are among Yousef’s achievements, while the lowest was when he lost his beloved aunt.

Yousef, a 29-year-old teacher, believes that joining a clique “feels like forming a gang,” which is why he prefers to be friends with everyone in the House, but he is quick to point out that he won’t get along with individuals who think they are better.


Full name: Yerimene Abraham Saibakumo

“A perfectionist, creative genius, lover of art and poetry rap music,” says Yerins, a medical doctor.

He considers himself a renaissance man who is not limited to a single profession or vocation. The 27-year-old loves to sketch, play chess, listen to music, and create it.

In the near future, he also intends to create a medical book. He describes himself as a fun-loving, creative, and inquisitive person, and claims that his inquisitiveness has helped him gain expert knowledge in a variety of industries, including modeling, digital animation, and fashion design.

The highlight of Yerins’ life was when he graduated from Medical University in Ukraine and saw his parents for the first time in 9 years.

Medical doctor Yerins intends to approach his time in the Big Brother Naija House with sincerity – but just to be safe, the 27-year-old is hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.
Full name: Hazel Oyeze Onou
Whitemoney, a multitalented individual, characterizes himself as an open-minded “jolly pleasant person” who enjoys having a good time.
Driving, hustling, watching movies, and making music are some of his favorite pastimes. The Enugu State-born businessman and entrepreneur, 29, says he has a strong aura and that his “swag speaks for itself” in Lagos.
His life reached a pinnacle point recently, when he launched his designer shoe import firm.
Whitemoney, who is down to earth but strategic, is optimistic that his positive view on life will carry him far.
He want to amuse, have fun, be exposed, and potentially win the grand prize while in the Big Brother Naija house.
With his sparkling personality and outstanding fashion sense, Streetwise Whitemoney is eager to make Big Brother Naija viewers delighted.
Full name: Samuel Jacob Alifa
Sammie is a 26-year-old amateur filmmaker and Ahmadu Bello University final-year student.
He describes himself as “tall, beautiful, and charismatic,” and enjoys storytelling, videography, basketball, dining, and hanging out.
Because of the “wonderful discussion” he gets in his day-to-day conversations, he says he talks too much at times and sometimes ends up gossiping.
Sammie, on the other hand, enjoys meeting new people and believes he has a promising future in filmmaking. He produced his first short film in 2020, and now he wants to expand his YouTube series and take his career to the next level.
Because he loves Big Brother Naija so much, Sammie, a 26-year-old amateur filmmaker, claims he’s not beyond battling for food in the house.
Full name: Adeoluwa Okusaga
Saga, a 28-year-old offshore engineer from Lagos, is currently stationed in Port Harcourt, yet he has discovered a new interest for sketch art and has become known for his hyper-realistic portraits.
After being astounded by the tremendous sensations his work elicited, he decided to devote his efforts to practicing painting.
In addition to sketching, he enjoys dancing, singing, and working out. He started an online fitness club with members from all around the world as a result of his last interest.
He tries to lighten up any place he enters with a few jokes, and he believes that his travels around Nigeria have given him expertise relating to people.
The news that his mother, whom he regards as his best friend, had died was the lowest time of his life.
During his time in the Big Brother Naija House, engineer and artist Saga aims to live by the mantra “Positive Vibes Only.” Prepare to hear this 28-year-old state his case loudly in a fight.


Full name: Pere Egbi

Pere was born in Warri, Delta State, to a single mother and is the first of two children. He considers himself to be a “spontaneous, adventurous guy” who believes that change is the only constant in life. Pere is a trained nurse who spent six years in the United States military before returning to Nigeria to pursue a career in real estate.

This energetic 35-year-old also works as a model and actor on the side. He is drawn to high-value items and is inspired by his past. As an empath, he aims to use his pain experiences to help others heal. He enjoys dancing, playing video games, writing, going out to bars, and whitewater rafting.

Despite the fact that Pere, a 35-year-old realtor, is a natural-born drama queen, he insists on staying away from conflicts in the Big Brother Naija House and instead making people laugh.


Full name: Adeniyi Lawai
Niyi is a 33-year-old Oyo State computer engineer. He was once in the race to become a professional basketball player, but his dreams were swiftly dashed when he had an accident that resulted in sciatica.
He still enjoys playing basketball and working out, and he is experimental when it comes to trying new foods, which he enjoys both eating and making.
He’s also a voracious reader, an aspiring writer, and a fan of board and card games, for which he holds a gaming license. Niyi is a husband and father who characterizes himself as “optimistic, spontaneous, and adventurous,” as well as “energetic.”
Niyi, a 33-year-old computer engineer, has a few tricks up his sleeve, the first of which is to inform his fellow Big Brother Naija Housemates that he is unmarried, despite the fact that he is married.
Full name: Paul Ephraim
Male housemates for BBNaija season 6
Jaypaul, a 29-year-old musician and actor from Lagos, believes that the Big Brother Naija House will be the ideal platform for him to further his already-burgeoning career in the Nigerian entertainment industry.
He is “entertaining, confident, playful, honest, and friendly,” in his own words. Making music, filmmaking, dancing, and cooking are some of his favorite pastimes.
While his profession is important to him, Jaypaul places a high value on solid family ties. He considers being a son to a lovely mother and a brother to two wonderful sisters to be his best roles to date, so it’s no surprise that losing his father was one of the lowest times in his life.
Jaypaul believes he is a catalyst for a chain reaction of good deeds and wants to demonstrate this to the rest of the world.
Jaypaul, an actor and musician, is a natural-born comedian, but don’t expect him to strip down to his underwear! With his charisma, intelligence, and cooking talents, the 29-year-old hopes to win over his fellow Housemates.
Male housemates for BBNaija season 6
Full name: Emmanuel Umoh
The first Nigerian to win the Mister Africa pageant, Emmanuel hails from Akwa Ibom, but currently resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where owns and runs a fitness centre and a unisex salon and spa.
A self-described risk taker, this 24-year-old loves to travel, connect with people and try out new and unique ideas.
Emmanuel is a risk-taker who believes in making the best of every opportunity and he counts his physical and social attributes as advantages that garner him a lot of attention.
Currently single, he describes himself as a “sucker for love” and believes “a healthy relationship goes a long way to building one’s life”.
For his time in the Big Brother Naija House, fashion model Emmanuel treated himself to a brand-new wardrobe – and as a preacher of “a little love and a little drama,” this 24-year-old is determined to make his stay unforgettable.
Male housemates for BBNaija season 6
Full name: Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo
Lagos, Nigeria Cross identifies himself as “a dirty kid with a good heart,” a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur.
Despite being single, this 30-year-old isn’t scared to offer relationship advise, believing that many people are unaware that communication is the key to a successful relationship.
Cross can be seen playing drums or getting hype on the mic on an Amapiano or House tune when he is not watching movies, traveling, or clubbing. He sees himself as a fun-loving, impulsive person who dances with his heart on his sleeve.
Cross, a 24-year-old fitness center and spa entrepreneur, claims to live by “the rule of love,” but he isn’t afraid to break it when necessary — just don’t expect him to fight over a lady or other people’s views.


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