Latest method of writing research proposal for scholarships Abroad


Hello, in today’s article I’m going to help as many prospective students as possible write their academic profile in a very rewarding way and the Latest method of writing research proposal for scholarships Abroad

Before then, let’s quickly look at the things which are needed for one to qualify for a research grant in Universities abroad.

While we are getting set to journey through the process, please do well to understand that highlighting your research experience in the CV has a huge role to play, if you must secure a position.

In this regard, start with a compelling research proposal. What is a Research proposal?, good question!.

If you are on the journey to study abroad, more specifically on scholarship, this is one of the terms you can not bypass for any reason.

This is because getting funding for any level of academic pursuit abroad solely depends on how prospects intend to utilize the opportunity, it’s more like being asked during a job interview what and how your presence can impact the growth of the firm. 

So, sponsors are more concerned about what research and how it will improve the areas already touched as well as provide new solutions to existing challenges.

Back to the question, What is a Research proposal?

A research proposal is a detailed description of what the researcher will be investigating, what makes the chosen area important, and how the whole research process will be carried out.

The latest method of writing a research proposal for scholarships Abroad must be employed here.

Components of research proposal

I’m going to outline the most important components to accurately put in place when writing a research proposal.

a. The cover page: Everything in life is competed for, so you must consider making your research proposal cover page very fascinating if you must achieve the ultimate goal which is approval for sponsorship. Such must contain the following;

  • Proposed Title
  • Name of researcher
  • Name of the researcher’s supervisor
  • The department and the institution affiliation

b. Introduction: In the introduction, what i have discovered over the past years as necessarily sought after areas are;

When introducing, ensure to make your topic clear and simple, provide background information, outline a statement of the problem and the research questions.

Understand the audience for which the research will be made. You can consider some guiding questions like; Who is the audience going to be? e.g Legal Practitioners, Policymakers, will they be interested in the topic, what is already known about the subject matter, what is the knowledge gap in the proposed topic?, what new insight (s) will your proposed research bring.

c. Literature Review: How you get the reader or assessor to accept that the research work has a solid foundation on the existing body of knowledge depends much on the materials, methodology, and theories that have been employed to test the strength and weaknesses of other work in same field or area of interest.

d. Research design or methodology: Here is where to show in steps what approach will help in achieving the aim & objectives of the research.

And also show methods of data generation/collection while also looking out for the best approach that will give the best result while limiting errors.

e. Research Timeline or schedule: Funding organizations or academic institutions require that students and researchers give a detailed timeline or schedule of their research project. The essence is to help keep track of the progress achieved so far.

f. Research Budget: The funding body in most cases will have to assess the budgetary allocation to each item to ensure compliance.

Lastly, list of References: A good research proposal should include proper citations for all sources used in the research, as well as full publishing details in the reference list.

Note this: Understanding and complying with the referencing style preferred by the funders is a way up for the win.

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